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TANDM - Rivoli 2019
TANDM – Rivoli 2019

Vocalist and guitarist Maxine Beck-Sinderby and drummer Thomas Franklin met serendipitously at a music studio in high school. Maxine’s undeniable musical talent runs in her family: her uncles are Grammy-winning Canadian musician Jason Beck known to the world as Chilly Gonzales and prolific Hollywood film composer Christophe Beck, known for his Emmy-award winning work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and blockbuster films Frozen, Frozen II and Ant-Man. Thomas honed his craft first with international touring jazz drummer Bill Ransom in the US, and then with renowned Toronto musician Anthony Michelli. Both classically and jazz-trained in multiple instruments, Thomas and Maxine started writing and performing their music in Canada and Sweden; and have performed with Swedish guitarist and songwriter Janne Schaffer of ABBA fame.

In early live performances their instrumentation was minimal, and they soon developed a signature sound marked by Maxine’s silky vocals and catchy reverb-filled guitar riffs, driven forward by the energy of Thomas’s drum flourishes. Drawing inspiration from the likes of ALVVAYS, The Black Keys, Foals, Of Monsters and Men, and Daughter, TANDM’s music weaves stories around the complexities of life. From personal pleasures and conflicts to the flaws in society encountered in young adulthood, TANDM’s upbeat sounds, vivid narratives and captivating melodies create a bittersweet and memorable experience for the audience that echoes long after a first listen.