Our Story


Toronto based Indie Pop/Rock band TANDM is Thomas Franklin on drums and Maxine Beck-Sinderby on guitar and vocals. Trained in both Classical and Jazz, Thomas Franklin performed in many bands before Tandm including York University’s Percussion Ensemble, it’s Rhythm and Blues Ensemble and Ohio’s largest marching band the Shaker Heights High School Marching Band. Maxine is a classically trained pianist, guitarist, jazz vocalist and composer who has been greatly inspired by the works of her uncles: Hollywood film composer Christophe Beck and Jason Beck known to the world as Chilly Gonzales.

Both Maxine and Thomas performed and recorded with multiple other bands including Arkson, 5 Neat Guys, The Jones, The Upbeats, THEM and Project Brother. After meeting at Bloor West Music Studios in high school, TANDM began writing and performing music in Canada, the United States and Sweden, where TANDM met and performed with Swedish 80s Pop/Disco guitarist and Songwriter Janne Schaffer of ABBA fame. 

TANDM perform live with only three instruments; the striking result is music made of sweet vocals, catchy guitar riffs, and remarkable drumming.  With this trio, TANDM tells us the universal stories of early life: from bittersweet personal pleasures, to the flaws in society that are seen clearly only by youth found within young adulthood. In sharp contrast to the messages behind each song, the music surrounding the words is often upbeat, bringing together a true bittersweet, rocking experience.

TANDM has also written and recorded music for two short-films: “Mason’s Puzzle” (2017) and “Alpha Centauri” (2018) both directed by Award Winning Director, Michael Cao. TANDM’s Single, and Music Video “Dreamworld” was released on October 20, 2018.   “Girl in the Bathroom” followed on February 9th, 2019.